Monday, February 28, 2011


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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Little girls all have dreams when they are young, for me I had a few (always a multi-tasker)  I first wanted to be a prima ballerina (until we moved and I stopped dancing at 12).  Then I wanted to be a fashion designer and that dream never really died, I just manifested it into a career in retail management & merchandising(lol).   My other dream was to be a make up artist, so I went to cosmetology school....but studied manicuring instead.(lol)   I planned on opening my own shop but got married and had a beautiful little girl instead.

I've always been so in love with eyes, eyebrows and eye make-up, problem being........I kinda suck at applying it on myself.  I can do my daughters eyes for dances and groom her eyebrows but when it comes to fabulous eye make-up.  No good!

Here are some looks that I found on Google Images and I love...

This green is gorgeous

Hot pink Betsey Johnson

Im lovin this turquoise

This is colorful but kinda subtle

This is my favorite..Im love blues right now

Classic kinda smoky eye

Crazy cool look

Pretty Seafoam green

Maybe someday I'll take the course when I can find some sparetime, but for now I'll just admire the work of amazing make-up artists out there.


Hey everyone....just popping in to let you all know about a giveaway that Im hosting on my Facebook Fan page Lucky 7 Design.

All you have to do is LIKE my L7D fan page, comment and that's entered to win!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


In 2006 I wanted to get my long hair chopped off like Victoria Beckham, this was of course before the whole world had that hairstyle.   I went to a salon and the girl didn't know what she was doing, so I was stuck with a Buster Brown bob.    

At the time I was manager for a local female retail chain called XXI, while at work one day I spotted the hairstyle I had been longing for.   I admired it from afar then went up to the girl and asked where she got her hair done.   She told me in Union County, NJ which is only about 20-25 minutes from me so I wasn't totally disappointed.   I called the next day and made an appt with the stylist who's name she recommended.....Jessica A.

This is my freakin fabulous stylist Jessica 

Well that was the beginning of one amazing hairstyle after another and for me....someone that hated haircuts and was afraid to the point I would go maybe one a year.   Now I go to her once a month. lol

She has now opened her own salon with her co-owner Nancy and they have an amazing group of stylists who work there.   You can go there on any given day for inspiration because they are on point with the styles and trends.  Actually there are ahead because every time I go she has done something different to her hair and all the stylist look great.

Owners & Staff of Exquisite Hair Design

I did the Beckham, I did Katie Holmes bob,  I did Pink's faux hawk, the asymetrical bob and recently I shaved the right side...I've never had so much fun with my hair.  Here are pics of some of the styles.

And here is the latest.   Black bob with blue & turquoise highlights!


I even bring my 3 oldest daughters there because even they love Jess

My 4 year old

My 10 year old 

End result

She is very happy

Thursday, February 17, 2011



A new day brings new destinations.

Today we're hittin the outlets in town

Doesnt he look ready

He actually likes to shop more than me

That's what Im talking about

I had to pose too..

Quick nap to get my energy for the day of shopping

These boots were made for walking

Planning my strategy. lol

My love posing it up

Some of the days damage

My love in his footgear heaven...we hit Nike & Timberland.  He's a happy man.

I must say that the Atlantic City outlets are no joke, the shopping was ridiculous and I was worn out (rarely happens)  Although I really didnt buy much for me I was excited to have a bag full of goodies for each one of my children and my husband was happy with the additions to his shoe collection.

I'll be better prepared next time we go, Im thinking like 3 times a year for shopping trips is good. right???? lol

Mama J outfit:

Sweater:  Kensie
Leggings:  XXI
Boots:  MakeMeChic
Jewelry:  Husband's real dog tags, Dots necklace, wedding rings

Big Daddy J's outfit

Shirt:   Perry Ellis
Jeans :  Perry Ellis
Jacket:  Sean John
Shoes:  Nike
Jewelry:  Diesel watch, Triton bracelet, wedding band (mandatory)

Monday, February 14, 2011


As a surprise for Valentine's Day, my husband planned a weekend getaway.  However he had to tell me about the surprise because of course I had to pack for it.  He knows I would go insane if I had been taken somewhere and hadn't planned my outfits out ahead of time with coordinating shoes and accessories.  Obsessive I know but   For a 3 day 2/night stay I packed 6 outfits, 5 pairs of shoes/boots, 3 coats and a box of accessories.  My husband thought I was crazy but I wore them all except one dress...

Here are some pictures of the 1st day driving down and arriving in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Atlantic City

The 1st conversation with the kids...great view tho right?

Still talking...and my husband is playing the famous photograher. lol

I was being a wise ass and of course my husband is still snapping away.

As you can see the 1st day of this getaway involved a long conversation with the kids.

Beginning of sunset

1st time Ive seen it actually happen right in front of my eyes....amazing!

At The Quarter...this place feels like your down in Puerto Rico or Cuba. This is in front of Cuba Libre Restaurant's  2nd floor 

I loved this building and wanted a picture in front of it.

So lovin this's beautiful!

This is parked right in front of the Cuba Libre restaurant.


Sweater:    Dots
Leggings:   XXI
Jacket:  Square One
Boots:  Steve Madden
Handbag:  D&G

I was comfortably casual & chic.   My black bottom basics paired with this oh so soft dolman style sweater was the perfect choice for 1st night there.  


I was away for the weekend with my husband, so upon our return we wanted to take little Maya J out and enjoy the decent weather.  We went with a casual comfy Nike outfit the color combo

Here she is ready to go

Her accessory game is good

She is wearing Daddy J's favorite Nike sneakers

Brief distraction from Disney channel

Fake smile. lol

She is ready to go

Bright we go

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