Monday, February 14, 2011


As a surprise for Valentine's Day, my husband planned a weekend getaway.  However he had to tell me about the surprise because of course I had to pack for it.  He knows I would go insane if I had been taken somewhere and hadn't planned my outfits out ahead of time with coordinating shoes and accessories.  Obsessive I know but   For a 3 day 2/night stay I packed 6 outfits, 5 pairs of shoes/boots, 3 coats and a box of accessories.  My husband thought I was crazy but I wore them all except one dress...

Here are some pictures of the 1st day driving down and arriving in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Atlantic City

The 1st conversation with the kids...great view tho right?

Still talking...and my husband is playing the famous photograher. lol

I was being a wise ass and of course my husband is still snapping away.

As you can see the 1st day of this getaway involved a long conversation with the kids.

Beginning of sunset

1st time Ive seen it actually happen right in front of my eyes....amazing!

At The Quarter...this place feels like your down in Puerto Rico or Cuba. This is in front of Cuba Libre Restaurant's  2nd floor 

I loved this building and wanted a picture in front of it.

So lovin this's beautiful!

This is parked right in front of the Cuba Libre restaurant.


Sweater:    Dots
Leggings:   XXI
Jacket:  Square One
Boots:  Steve Madden
Handbag:  D&G

I was comfortably casual & chic.   My black bottom basics paired with this oh so soft dolman style sweater was the perfect choice for 1st night there.  

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