Friday, February 4, 2011


I convinced my son Xander ( my one and only son) who is surrounded daily by 4 sisters and Mama to model some cool new Nike 6.0 merchandise for me (courtesy of Haddad Brands)       How you ask......

              Take him outside in the snow of course!

Which works out perfectly because the 6.0 line is for just that.   This line is designed for active youth....the one who is all about Surf, Snow, Ski, BMX and Moto.   I definately have one of those!

So here is what we came up with (well I came up with, but he was definately willing for cooperate. lol)

Xander scoping out the snowbanks. lol

I love the color combination (black & yellow) also happens to fit in this year for Superbowl...Go Steelers!

Gettin in some action 

This boy can ride ALL DAY.

Prepping for a jump

Ummmm Mama can you move please!

Okay so the line is not only for sports it's lifestyle gear too.   Here is my son trying to look cool with his mohawk and skater slippers ( I swear why do kids want to wear slipper styled shoes)

This jacket is really was 35 today in Jersey.

The serious look-away model pose. lol

My baby boy Xander..well he's 12 but still. lol

Modeling the back view to show quilting he said.

Best feature for him.....the inside lining has a pocket for his Ipod touch.

He found his song and is in the zone. lol

I'm really liking this 6.0 line and Im sure more of it will be making its way into his closet.   This line is available at Macy's and JC Penneys and at

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