Friday, February 4, 2011


So I've been in a rut for a few months now trying to get my post baby body into my pre baby wardrobe.....Yea not having much luck!    So what's a Mama to do.....consign!    I've been doing it for years at the same shop (Tuesday's Child) in my town (I will be doing a feature post on the shop soon) and it's just a great process.   You give in what you no longer need or fit into, make money.....and buy NEW STUFF!  

A few weeks ago I purged my handbag and shoe collection so I was in need of that I mean some hot boots for me to feel great in.   It started with a cute pair of grey suede booties with chains from a store Easy Pickins , then a rugged leather mid calf pair with a studded bracelet around the ankle.   Okay.....I know I talk about my shoes with a weird kind of lust but look at how yummy they are.....

I was on online last week in search of a new pair of Wellies/Rain Boots whatever you want to call them, I love them and had 4 pairs last year but the basement at the old house flooded and lets just say.....theyre not flood boots.   So I went to which is online store of Spring a  local mall shoe store I shop when I can.   I found a pair of olive green rain boots (love green) for $11.98. had me at Olive Green.


Then on Saturday I went to the mall(haven't been there in so long)  to get a pair of the all so popular lace up boots.   Which kills me because I use to rock these back in the 80's with black cycling shorts and leggings in Italy.  HAHA   Does anyone remember Jody Watley?  Okay showing my age Im a 70's baby but I can still rock with the best of me!

I found an awesome pair at a spot called Square's a retail store that sells primarily coats and shoes....that's it!   It's heaven........just racks of coats and aisles of shoes and most of them $20 or less. YES I SAID  T-W-E-N-T-Y    DOLLARS!    So I snatched up a new pair of brown lace ups!

Square One

On Tuesday morning....the knock on my door could only mean one thing.  FED EX.......    Yep, my shoe was here finally.   One of my first posts was on these platform booties Ive seen on alot of style blogs but were ridiculously expensive....Im  the mother of 5 and my children are the most important so I am not about to spend $150 on boots for me.    But that doesn't mean I don't want what's hot and in style.

HOWEVER.....while browsing thru my copy of Lucky magazine I spotted a little ad for Make Me Chic and of course typed that right into the laptop.     AHHHHHHHHHHHH (the angels are singing)  tons of shoes, boots, accessories and I was in Heaven.  So I spot the booties I've been craving....what and they are only $23.85   REALLY??????

Make Me Chic

  I also peeped a pair of sweet lace-up military inspired boots in BLUE for $21.20 ...OMG I love this site.   Shopping for shoes at home at these prices is crazy.  In my virtual cart they went.

Make Me Chic

Okay so in the ad was a discount code for 35% off (LKY35)  So my total for 2 pairs of the hottest boots out right now was $45.05 but with the discount (wait for it)..............................$29.28  shipping was approx $10-12 but they are running a FREE Shipping promo right now when you spend $50 (which isn't hard at all).

Well my shoe shopping for the week doesn't end there.   My husband happens to love me so much and saw how happy I was now getting my groove back.    He decided after work to pick me up a pair of boots.    Let's just say he likes his Mama in a little bit of a heel.   (You all do know that heels make your legs and butt fabulous right?)   So here is what Big Daddy J came home with for me....

Big Daddy J's selection

Here is my starting lineup for the remainder of the season....Im sure there will be some additions to the team.

So my question is IS THERE A 12 STEP PROGRAM FOR SHOE ADDICTS??????   

If so......can I do it in Heels?

Hope you all follow Mama J and see what deal she finds next.

   Im on my way to this linky party......come with me!


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  1. If there is a 12 step program, you'll need a court order to get me there! hehe... so glad you came link up! My favorite are the black wedge boots...trying desparetely not to type in that website myself... but the hubs might kick me out if I bring home another pair of! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way you talk about them! when we are at them mall I pick on my hubby and tell him "That cute pair of shoes/boots/heels/etc said they want to come home with me"...I think sometimes he wonders if I really think they are talking to thanks so much for linking up!