Friday, November 11, 2011


I took these photos the other day on our way to visit my girls are so good at waiting on the porch for me while I lock up. I took advantage of this by pulling out my camera a making it a mini photo shoot but I couldn't resist...they looked so cute.  Their hair looks amazing right after the bath and their leave in conditioner.

I knew that by the time I got to my mother's the hair accessories would be somewhere in the truck and who knows what food/drink spots would be where. LOl

So here they are my little stylish sisters..


She did this on her own...mama was proud!

Love this hoodie w/ the tee

She looked cute with her zebra wellies

Look at those curls

Jacket: Big sis 
Jeans: Levi's
Boots: Biblo
Headband: Mama J Jewels

Curls: Mixed Chicks

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Finally......a post with my baby girl Kemorah.     Clothes on and hair we are doing good today!

Okay we are dressed and now it's time to do our hair.

I used Tangle Tamer by Mixed Chicks, just a couple of sprays and a quick comb through and we are ready to go.

Some hair accessories ...yes Im a lil Diva

Strike a pose

Let's go Mama

Hair : Help of Mixed Chicks
Shirt: Walmart
Vest: The Children's Place
Jeans: Levi's
Sneakers: Converse
Hair Bows: Time Well Spent Boutique


Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I did a review of a hair product line called Mixed Chicks on my Lucky 7 Design blog and I thought it would be a great idea to share some of their information on here as well since this is my family fashion blog.  You can see that review HERE.

If you haven't heard of Mixed Chicks you can find out more info by going to their website HERE

I used the products on both my daughters KeKe (19mos) and Maya J (4 yrs).  Yes they happen to be mixed chicks (black caribbean,irish,italian,puerto rican) but this product is good for anyone with a curl/frizz dilemma.  Which we had both of..... my girls have 2 different types of hair.

KeKe has short and extremely kinky tight corkscrew curls

 before finding Mixed Chicks

Mama J has long curls that get frizzy and tangled quickly

before finding Mixed Chicks

I can't tell you how much I love this product line, it's not a change in the way you would normally care for your hair.  It's Wash, Condition and then a Leave-in Conditioner.......the magic is all in the bottles.  No extra time or fuss same routine but with amazing results.

I hosted a little giveaway on my other blog for someone to try a little sample kit of this magic, so Im going to do the same thing here.


Just leave a comment below and tell me what issue you or your children are having.  That's your entry!

Here is proof from this morning......Maya J took a bath before bed last night and usually wakes up with a mop of frizz and it is a process to fix it without combing out all the curl into frizz.

This morning we used our NEW Kids Tangle - Tamer and this is how we are looking!  We are also wearing our Mixed Chicks rock is just too cute!

For more view of transformations, check out the gallery kids page of the Mixed Chick Website HERE

Good Luck....giveaway will run until Sunday at midnight!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


This is a strange weekend...this morning is was cold and rainy and then it turned to this..........

Yes these are my fall decorations outside covered in SNOW !!!

Seriously was looking for snow this early....fall is my favorite season and it was just gettin started here in Jersey, it's been 68-72 degrees lately.

Hope you all don't need your snow boots to go Trick or Treatin this year!

- MJ

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Thought I would share some photos of my daughter and her girlfriends tonight for their High School Halloween Dance.   This is her last year attending because she is a Senior (it's a big deal) lol.

Now the costume is a mix of a Chola/Pin up     The inspiration came from a character in a Selena Gomez trailer for MTV's Europe Music Awards.

This is the video clip and the 2 Selena characters..

Selena in Chola mode

This is what they wanted to dress up as this year

Casara, Sarah , Gabriella

Chola Selena

My little Chola Gabi

Munchkin Chola Casara

I think they did a good job, they picked the outfits on their own, did their makeup.   I would have wanted a little more specific things but hey it's not my dance...right?

Just a mama who is a perfectionist...but they look beautiful!!!!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011


My daughter Samayah is entered in a Model Search Contest over at Time Well Spent.    I would love it if you all would take a minute to go over and give her a vote.  I myself have voted for some of the other beautiful contestants.  


All you have to do is LIKE it!   That's your vote, you are welcome to comment if you like too!

You can also share the link or this post to spread the word for Samayah!


Friday, September 30, 2011


Well I know that's not how the song goes, but that is how I'm feeling.   I've been so addicted to Forever 21 & MakeMeChic websites.    

For this thrifty mama of 5, it's a great way to put together a fall wardrobe on my kind of budget.....more for my money is my motto!

Here are some new pieces that I've had my eye on and hoping to have in my closet soon!   Check their sites daily and subscribe for email updates so you don't miss any of their great deals!

Forever 21

Make Me Chic

Forever 21

Make Me Chic

Forever 21

Make Me Chic

Forever 21

Make Me Chic

Forever 21

Make Me Chic

Forever 21

Make Me Chic

Go on over and check out Forever 21 & MakeMeChic websites for the latest fall trends.  


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


In July I dyed my hair from black to a brownish/blondish color.   Now I get bored very easy so usually I'm at the salon every 3 months sometimes more frequent if it's haircut boredom.  

However, Im trying to grow my hair out again to it's original long length so I'm cutting back on the cuts (lol)   But the blonde is a little bit much for me, the vacation in the South Carolina sun made it much lighter.

Sooooooooooooooooooo what's a girl to do.    Go visit her favorite salon and let her fabulous hairstylist work her magic.   I'm see RED, well maybe's really not a far stretch for me.   My hair naturally pulls red and I was a red head as a kid and in my 20's.   Now when I say Redhead...I don't mean....Annie or Lucille Ball.

Lucille Ball

Lucy was the redheaded trendsetter...I use to watch her as a kid and want those cigarette pants and her ballet flats.   You never got an idea of how red she was was black & white television.

Julia Roberts

Now this gorgeous girl here........she was and still is my all time favorite actress in the universe.   I dyed my hair extra deep red after seeing Pretty Woman, and cut my hair like a magazine cover she did when she turned 30.

These are my selections, and I have about 2 weeks to decide because I'll be booking my salon appt this week.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

Ashlee Simpson

Lindsay Lohan

Debra Messing

Lindsay Lohan ( I love the color and cut)

Isla Fisher

Hair Model

Jennifer Garner

Khloe Kardashian (love her...)

So I would love to here which one you like best, share you suggestions.   I will of course share my selection and the before and after shots here on the blog.     

You can check out my fabulous hairstylist and her wild salon staff by visiting Exquisite Hair Designs on Facebook and check out their work for inspiration or if you are in the tri-state area make an appt.  Beauty and Talent is what you will find!