Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So my little MeMe turned 1 last Tuesday, we had a party Saturday and she is still afraid to walk again.   She started taking steps at 9-10 months and then all of a sudden NO WAY!

She is not a cooperative model at all, so I took the opportunity while she was in the kitchen with Daddy to take some shots with my phone.  I must also add we had just returned from the doctor where he discovered an ear infection.  That explains the screaming fits at 3 a.m. (amoxicilin please work quickly).

As long as there is something to hold, she's moving.  (the oven is off)

Begging Daddy for some scraps. lol

Rescued by big brother Xander

This little Levi's outfit is adorable and comfortable.   She was all over the place in those cute lavender jeggings and who better to do jeggings than the original jean company themselves. lol

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Monday, March 21, 2011


This Saturday we had our daughter's 1st birthday and it was small, intimate with just our closest friends and some family.

The morning of the party, Bugga which since she has turned 1 we have given her a new nickname MeMe because she says it all the time.  lol

This is what came for her and we cant wait to rock all these cool Levi's's a little mini wardrobe party.

Mini Levi's wardrobe...sooo cute

Love this little Nike polo dress w/ matching bloomers.

We can't wait for this rain here in Jersey to go away and give us a do-over for the first day of Spring.

Big Thanks to Haddad Brands!

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Thursday, March 17, 2011


As the mother of 5, time is not my best friend!    However it is in me to be creative in whatever I do...that follows to my home, kids and food.

I have a 4 yr old daughter who is on the Autism Spectrum...she is very high-functioning.  Basically you couldnt tell the difference from any other child except of her little issues.   Silly things like being clumsy, not sitting in a chair for a long time.  Looking at you for a long time...anywhoo most children have these same issues.

MEALTIME with a child on the spectrum however is not so silly.  She is very picky and sometimes refuses to eat certain foods because of texture or color.   So cheerios/milk are sometimes our best friend and go-to meal. lol

Everyday and I do mean Every Day she arrives back from school at 11:45 and she will ask for a peanut butter sandwich (EVERYDAY.....)   No Jelly, just peanut butter and she likes it cut in 4 squares...not in half but 4 squares. lol

So I tried to get her out of that routine without frazzling her too much.   Another issue is she doesnt like change, schedule and consistancy are a big part of who she is and how she functions.

But here are 2 little ideas I came up with because her favorite things are Mickey Mouse and pizza.   So for anyone with picky eaters, dig into that kitchen gadget draw and get creative

Peanut Pizza
(Peanut Butter in a tortilla cut like a pizza)

Peanut Butter cut into circle and chocolate creme cookies
(Mickey Mouse sandwich)

Monday, March 14, 2011


I wanted to share some of the pieces I recently put into my Etsy shop Mama J Jewels.   They're from the MIXED collection.

All items in the MIXED collection are created with a classic Black & White theme and can be worn with anything.

Large Black Dahlia Filagree Ring

White Dahlia Filagree Ring

Black Dahlia Filagree Ring

I hope the treasures you find  in my shop with make your jewelry box smile!

Each Jewelry Box (category) has it's own vibe, here are the latest

Girly - young & colorful
Witchcraft - skull, skeletons 
Ripped - eco friendly upcycled 
Denim Diva - denim done up
Candy Girl - inspired by sweets
Romantica - vintage, pretty, victorian, romantic
Nonna's Knits - hand knitted 
Mixed - black & white 
Marked - hand stamped 
SEVENties - Bo-ho, flowerchild
Career Chic - career symbol style 
Military - BDU made jewelry 

Accessory - creative displays for jewelry

Please stop in and check out my newest items...also on the sidebar of this blog you can see a gallery of the shop and items listed.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Today I was lucky enough to be in NYC with my husband (Big Daddy) and my 2 youngest girls.   I was asked to be on The Nate Berkus Show to solve a design issue. lol   I can't give out details of the segment but you can tune in on March 30th on Channel 4 (East Coast) to see me and my hubs with Nate.

Since I had to bring the girls, I dressed them comfortably and brought toys and snacks to keep them happy.  Maya J wanted her pink/black Nike outfit and Meme didn't have a vote but she was quite happy in her Nike warm up suit.  They were both pretty in pink that is.

Big Daddy snapping silly pics...those are gray tights not white! lol

We had our own private green room (guest holding quarters) so I snapped some pictures of them as any mom would do.   Seriously who gets to go to a tv show at 4 yrs old and  11 mos. old and have everyone talk to you and play with you.

Maya J in her Nike outfit

MeMe in her little Nike track suit

Big Daddy and Meme sitting on the sofa

MeMe was real comfortable, shoes were coming off. lol

Big thank you to Nate for inviting me and also to his fabulous staff  Producers Jordan & Caitlyn, and the makeup guy & girl who made us look good on camera. lol   Jim the guy who unzipped my dress and stuck a microphone in my bra while my husband watched. lol  Special thank you to Amanda who did double duty in watching the girls while Mama & Big Daddy went to the set to film our segment.  Everyone was great...and I hope you will all watch us when the episode airs on



Maya J:   Top/pants:  Nike
                Boots:  Walmart

MeMe:  Top/pants: Nike
              Shirt: Nike
              Shoes: Walmart
              Headband:  Handmade

Big Daddy J:  Jeans: Calvin Klein
                     Boots: Timberland

Mama J :    Dress: Kensie
                  Sweater:  Kensie
                  Tights:  Target
                  Boots: Rialto
                  Jewelry: gifted by sis Jenn

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This morning is was sunny and bright, so it was fairly easy to get Maya J up and ready for school.    I took advantage of her good mood to snap some photos of her in her new Nike hoodie.   Love the color, it definately put us in the mood for Spring...until we stepped outside to the bus (Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)  It's still feeling like old man winter here in New Jersey.

She's ready to go

Last minute look at Jake on Disney Junior

Love the salmon color and navy together.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Not!  Leader Yes!   But we will definately be rocking the Nike gear!

This is my 11 1/2 month old daughter a.k.a.  Bugga Bugga.   I gave her that nickname because of her round face she reminds me of the Ladybug from Bugs Life.

We were having some floor time because she will be turning 1 on the 15th and has all of a sudden become afraid to walk now.   So I snapped what I could...and she has also decided to make an extremely cheesy smile when she sees the flash on the camera (doesnt make for a cute picture)  Im an honest Mama.

Here she is with her eye on up

Definately leader...not cheerleader. lol


She also reminds us of Animal from the muppets. lol

That is just too much smile for a head that tiny. 

Look Mama one hand!

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