Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So my little MeMe turned 1 last Tuesday, we had a party Saturday and she is still afraid to walk again.   She started taking steps at 9-10 months and then all of a sudden NO WAY!

She is not a cooperative model at all, so I took the opportunity while she was in the kitchen with Daddy to take some shots with my phone.  I must also add we had just returned from the doctor where he discovered an ear infection.  That explains the screaming fits at 3 a.m. (amoxicilin please work quickly).

As long as there is something to hold, she's moving.  (the oven is off)

Begging Daddy for some scraps. lol

Rescued by big brother Xander

This little Levi's outfit is adorable and comfortable.   She was all over the place in those cute lavender jeggings and who better to do jeggings than the original jean company themselves. lol

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