Thursday, March 17, 2011


As the mother of 5, time is not my best friend!    However it is in me to be creative in whatever I do...that follows to my home, kids and food.

I have a 4 yr old daughter who is on the Autism Spectrum...she is very high-functioning.  Basically you couldnt tell the difference from any other child except of her little issues.   Silly things like being clumsy, not sitting in a chair for a long time.  Looking at you for a long time...anywhoo most children have these same issues.

MEALTIME with a child on the spectrum however is not so silly.  She is very picky and sometimes refuses to eat certain foods because of texture or color.   So cheerios/milk are sometimes our best friend and go-to meal. lol

Everyday and I do mean Every Day she arrives back from school at 11:45 and she will ask for a peanut butter sandwich (EVERYDAY.....)   No Jelly, just peanut butter and she likes it cut in 4 squares...not in half but 4 squares. lol

So I tried to get her out of that routine without frazzling her too much.   Another issue is she doesnt like change, schedule and consistancy are a big part of who she is and how she functions.

But here are 2 little ideas I came up with because her favorite things are Mickey Mouse and pizza.   So for anyone with picky eaters, dig into that kitchen gadget draw and get creative

Peanut Pizza
(Peanut Butter in a tortilla cut like a pizza)

Peanut Butter cut into circle and chocolate creme cookies
(Mickey Mouse sandwich)

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