Thursday, March 10, 2011


Today I was lucky enough to be in NYC with my husband (Big Daddy) and my 2 youngest girls.   I was asked to be on The Nate Berkus Show to solve a design issue. lol   I can't give out details of the segment but you can tune in on March 30th on Channel 4 (East Coast) to see me and my hubs with Nate.

Since I had to bring the girls, I dressed them comfortably and brought toys and snacks to keep them happy.  Maya J wanted her pink/black Nike outfit and Meme didn't have a vote but she was quite happy in her Nike warm up suit.  They were both pretty in pink that is.

Big Daddy snapping silly pics...those are gray tights not white! lol

We had our own private green room (guest holding quarters) so I snapped some pictures of them as any mom would do.   Seriously who gets to go to a tv show at 4 yrs old and  11 mos. old and have everyone talk to you and play with you.

Maya J in her Nike outfit

MeMe in her little Nike track suit

Big Daddy and Meme sitting on the sofa

MeMe was real comfortable, shoes were coming off. lol

Big thank you to Nate for inviting me and also to his fabulous staff  Producers Jordan & Caitlyn, and the makeup guy & girl who made us look good on camera. lol   Jim the guy who unzipped my dress and stuck a microphone in my bra while my husband watched. lol  Special thank you to Amanda who did double duty in watching the girls while Mama & Big Daddy went to the set to film our segment.  Everyone was great...and I hope you will all watch us when the episode airs on



Maya J:   Top/pants:  Nike
                Boots:  Walmart

MeMe:  Top/pants: Nike
              Shirt: Nike
              Shoes: Walmart
              Headband:  Handmade

Big Daddy J:  Jeans: Calvin Klein
                     Boots: Timberland

Mama J :    Dress: Kensie
                  Sweater:  Kensie
                  Tights:  Target
                  Boots: Rialto
                  Jewelry: gifted by sis Jenn

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  1. How awesome! I'm going to have to watch that episode! I LOVE Nate Berkus he's great.