Friday, September 30, 2011


Well I know that's not how the song goes, but that is how I'm feeling.   I've been so addicted to Forever 21 & MakeMeChic websites.    

For this thrifty mama of 5, it's a great way to put together a fall wardrobe on my kind of budget.....more for my money is my motto!

Here are some new pieces that I've had my eye on and hoping to have in my closet soon!   Check their sites daily and subscribe for email updates so you don't miss any of their great deals!

Forever 21

Make Me Chic

Forever 21

Make Me Chic

Forever 21

Make Me Chic

Forever 21

Make Me Chic

Forever 21

Make Me Chic

Forever 21

Make Me Chic

Go on over and check out Forever 21 & MakeMeChic websites for the latest fall trends.  


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


In July I dyed my hair from black to a brownish/blondish color.   Now I get bored very easy so usually I'm at the salon every 3 months sometimes more frequent if it's haircut boredom.  

However, Im trying to grow my hair out again to it's original long length so I'm cutting back on the cuts (lol)   But the blonde is a little bit much for me, the vacation in the South Carolina sun made it much lighter.

Sooooooooooooooooooo what's a girl to do.    Go visit her favorite salon and let her fabulous hairstylist work her magic.   I'm see RED, well maybe's really not a far stretch for me.   My hair naturally pulls red and I was a red head as a kid and in my 20's.   Now when I say Redhead...I don't mean....Annie or Lucille Ball.

Lucille Ball

Lucy was the redheaded trendsetter...I use to watch her as a kid and want those cigarette pants and her ballet flats.   You never got an idea of how red she was was black & white television.

Julia Roberts

Now this gorgeous girl here........she was and still is my all time favorite actress in the universe.   I dyed my hair extra deep red after seeing Pretty Woman, and cut my hair like a magazine cover she did when she turned 30.

These are my selections, and I have about 2 weeks to decide because I'll be booking my salon appt this week.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

Ashlee Simpson

Lindsay Lohan

Debra Messing

Lindsay Lohan ( I love the color and cut)

Isla Fisher

Hair Model

Jennifer Garner

Khloe Kardashian (love her...)

So I would love to here which one you like best, share you suggestions.   I will of course share my selection and the before and after shots here on the blog.     

You can check out my fabulous hairstylist and her wild salon staff by visiting Exquisite Hair Designs on Facebook and check out their work for inspiration or if you are in the tri-state area make an appt.  Beauty and Talent is what you will find!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BLUE CRUSH........

Since the beginning of the year Ive been crushin on some Blue Suede it's just turned into a super crush on all blue shoes!

Here are some I wish I could own, and some I have on my upcoming birthday wish list!

Christian Louboutin



Dragan Mrdja (Menswear but I'd rock them)

Giuseppe Zanotti


Jessica Bennett


Polyvore  (my favorite site)

Victoria's Secret (I def need these in my life)

What are you crushin' on for the fall/winter season!    
would love to hear about your crushes....


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIWWW- What I Wanna Wear Wednesday (KK)

So I will admit that I watch some reality shows and one that I'm a longtime fan of is Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  I relate to the fact that mom Kris had 4 children when she met her husband Bruce and that they then had 2 girls of their own.  Pretty close to my life....including all the girls and 1 boy tally.

P.S.  I'm also a huge fan of Khloe & Lamar...even my husband watches it.   It just reminds us a little of us, not as fabulously wealthy but just as fabulously fun and in love.

I admire the ambition as a family to create a brand for themselves and their careers.  I also appreciate that they market products the general public can actually afford.   I know they can wear Gucci & Louboutin's on a daily basis but the fact that they don't expect us to do it is what I like best.

The 3 Kardashian girls (Kourtney, Kim & Khloe) have launched a new line titled Kardashian Kollection which is being sold at Sears.   They show us all aspects, the socialite, the happy newlywed, and the gorgeous little mama.   I had a chance this weekend to check out the pieces at my local mall.

Here is the larger than life poster in the store.

I am so loving this leopard's on my Christmas wish list.

This is how they have their section of Sears merchandised.  I'm not sure if I like the red roses & rug with the collection.   That might just be the former retail visual merchandiser in me but it doesn't really compliment the collection.   

Little Black Dress, Classic Black Suit, Sexy Jumpsuit

Here is a selection of their shoes, and check out the fabulous prices

Funky, Simple & Sexy dresses

A selection of their jewelry pieces

Here are some of the promotional printwork the girls have done

This is the in-store poster above

Love this one too...I have Kim's shoes.

I actually love that they aren't stick then and look curvy..realistic!

This is my favorite one, just love the outfits, their hair/makeup, the relaxed feel of the photo.

If you want to check out more of the collection....... go to the Kardashian Kollection Sears page and you can Keep Up With the Kardashian's too!

-Mama J



Just a sidenote, my daughter was not harmed in taking this photo.   She happens to benefit from Mama's online shopping, it means more boxes for her to push around and put stuff in....including herself!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Samayah's Big Daddy is into football.   My husband actually was a great football player in his day, but now spends his off time coaching a local high school team.

Next year I think we are going to sign her up for flag football.   I see no reason why she can't play football just because she's a girl!   She does look cute in this little outfit, we had a little get together to celebrate the beginning of the NFL season.  

Today Cheerleader....Future Athlete

Her stance

Big Daddy will not like this shot. lol


She is workin the posing

Not bad for a 4 yr old

Her little mini-me toy doll

Smile of the future

I dont

I took this without her knowing

Love her little spunky smile.