Sunday, September 11, 2011


The 10yr anniversary of 9/11 has come and although my beautiful daughter Samayah was not even imagined at that time.   As a matter of fact, her 10 yr old sister Adelina was only 8 months old.    Today we wore our Stars & Stripes to pay tribute to all of those you lost their lives, and to all of those who tried to save lives that day and the days after.

We will never forget!

Also a salute to our U.S. Military for their undying commitment to protect and serve their country.   We are especially happy Samayah's daddy, my husband Cpl. Joseph served his country overseas and is now home!

God Bless America!

This outfit from Levi's kids was perfect...denim w/ stars & stripes in the classic all -american look.

Showing off this adorable shirt

I love the way they did the graphic, very soft

These skinny jeans are toooooo cute!

Check out the pocket detailing

Her red ball earrings from Dots to

We covered up for the bus ride with a fleece zip up

As the daughter of an athlete...she had to have her Jordans! lol

Outfit details:

Shirt :  Levi's
Jeans: Levi's
Jacket: Target
Sneakers : Nike (Jordans)
Earrings: Dots


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  1. too freakin cute! her jordans?? love it. i already know how my daughter is probably going to be about shoes, my husband is a sneaker head. thanks so much for stopping by my blog! now i know about yours :) happily following! xoxo