Thursday, September 8, 2011


WHO SAYS.............................(do you hear Selena Gomez singing this...okay maybe it's just me because I have 4 girls in this house).     Point being....who says Hand Me Downs cant be fashionable?  or that they can't be mixed in with fabulous new pieces.   We adults call it Vintage, for kids it's called hand me downs.

My 4 year old Samayah is off to her 3rd day of school, and although the sun was out today, it has been raining everyday all day since the weekend (YUCK)...totally messing up our new school clothes schedule. lol

This outfit that Samayah is wearing is made up of all hand me downs from her older sister Adelina (10) & Gabriella (16) along with a family friends daughter Brianna (6).  Her rosette barrette is handmade by her fabulous mama ME!

See if you can figure out what pieces belong to who in these photos:

Samayah striking her pose.  Gaucho pants & matching top is a brown/beige/pale turquoise (Adelina's)

Gymboree shoes, with mint turquoise toe polish from Five Below

Her gold earrings had to match the gold sequins in the top, she said. lol

My little fashionista posing it up.  Cordouroy  jacket is Faded Glory from Walmart. (Gab's)

She didnt know I took this one

Her walk away shot. lol

This is a handmade linen rosette barrette from my Mama J Jewels Etsy shop. (check the gallery on the right sidebar)


Thanks to the hand me down sisters and to our friend Brianna for the awesome sandals.   Sometimes hand me down no matter how old they are (in this case, years) still look good if they are good quality and simple pieces.


  1. She is so adorable! I would have never guessed those are hand-me-downs. My hand-me-downs I wore as a kid were not so cute. I think they belonged to an old lady before me.

  2. I agree...the stuff my mom put me in as a kid I wouldnt dream of putting on my kids. Ugh...cordouroy jumpers and knee socks with white mary janes YUCK...well it was the 70's. lol