Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I did a review of a hair product line called Mixed Chicks on my Lucky 7 Design blog and I thought it would be a great idea to share some of their information on here as well since this is my family fashion blog.  You can see that review HERE.

If you haven't heard of Mixed Chicks you can find out more info by going to their website HERE

I used the products on both my daughters KeKe (19mos) and Maya J (4 yrs).  Yes they happen to be mixed chicks (black caribbean,irish,italian,puerto rican) but this product is good for anyone with a curl/frizz dilemma.  Which we had both of..... my girls have 2 different types of hair.

KeKe has short and extremely kinky tight corkscrew curls

 before finding Mixed Chicks

Mama J has long curls that get frizzy and tangled quickly

before finding Mixed Chicks

I can't tell you how much I love this product line, it's not a change in the way you would normally care for your hair.  It's Wash, Condition and then a Leave-in Conditioner.......the magic is all in the bottles.  No extra time or fuss same routine but with amazing results.

I hosted a little giveaway on my other blog for someone to try a little sample kit of this magic, so Im going to do the same thing here.


Just leave a comment below and tell me what issue you or your children are having.  That's your entry!

Here is proof from this morning......Maya J took a bath before bed last night and usually wakes up with a mop of frizz and it is a process to fix it without combing out all the curl into frizz.

This morning we used our NEW Kids Tangle - Tamer and this is how we are looking!  We are also wearing our Mixed Chicks rock is just too cute!

For more view of transformations, check out the gallery kids page of the Mixed Chick Website HERE

Good Luck....giveaway will run until Sunday at midnight!


  1. Mixed Chicks is a must have for textured hair! I use it myself personally for my natural curls, and in the salon we swear by the deep conditioner for All textures. We cant keep the products on the shelves! Beautiful pictures Melanie! p.s. My salon is in NJ!
    International Hair Design

  2. Lynette,

    You are so right, def a must have. Im glad to know you sell it in your salon. Where in NJ are you?


  3. Well...Let just say if I win this will solve a lot of our hair problems.

    Thanks MJ.

  4. Biggest problem is trying to keep my daughters hair untangled and moisturized! love the way the girls hair turned out after you used it! I've heard nothing but good things about the mixed chicks products!

  5. I have a problem keeping my hair untangled and I cannot keep my hair coils defined. I'm embarrassed to wear my hair down, so I wear it up in a bun everyday since middle school. I am now in my second year of college. The only time I wear my hair is when I straighten it, but I would like to enjoy my natural curly hair.

  6. I have hair prone to frizz that's been chemically treated and over-ironed for years. I iron my hair 2 times or more a week, and when I attempt to wear it curly it's always unruly. After trying It's a Ten, Mixed Chicks, and countless other conditioners, I've finally found what works: Shielo Hydration Condtioner. I've also tried Shielo Hydration Shampoo, which honestly was not as effective. Just the conditoner works VERY well. When I straighten my hair after using this product it feels silky and healthy; when I wear it curly the frizz is minimal. I'm also half African-American, and even though Shielo doesn't usually market their products for black hair, I encourage women of color to try it!