Thursday, February 17, 2011



A new day brings new destinations.

Today we're hittin the outlets in town

Doesnt he look ready

He actually likes to shop more than me

That's what Im talking about

I had to pose too..

Quick nap to get my energy for the day of shopping

These boots were made for walking

Planning my strategy. lol

My love posing it up

Some of the days damage

My love in his footgear heaven...we hit Nike & Timberland.  He's a happy man.

I must say that the Atlantic City outlets are no joke, the shopping was ridiculous and I was worn out (rarely happens)  Although I really didnt buy much for me I was excited to have a bag full of goodies for each one of my children and my husband was happy with the additions to his shoe collection.

I'll be better prepared next time we go, Im thinking like 3 times a year for shopping trips is good. right???? lol

Mama J outfit:

Sweater:  Kensie
Leggings:  XXI
Boots:  MakeMeChic
Jewelry:  Husband's real dog tags, Dots necklace, wedding rings

Big Daddy J's outfit

Shirt:   Perry Ellis
Jeans :  Perry Ellis
Jacket:  Sean John
Shoes:  Nike
Jewelry:  Diesel watch, Triton bracelet, wedding band (mandatory)

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