Sunday, February 20, 2011


In 2006 I wanted to get my long hair chopped off like Victoria Beckham, this was of course before the whole world had that hairstyle.   I went to a salon and the girl didn't know what she was doing, so I was stuck with a Buster Brown bob.    

At the time I was manager for a local female retail chain called XXI, while at work one day I spotted the hairstyle I had been longing for.   I admired it from afar then went up to the girl and asked where she got her hair done.   She told me in Union County, NJ which is only about 20-25 minutes from me so I wasn't totally disappointed.   I called the next day and made an appt with the stylist who's name she recommended.....Jessica A.

This is my freakin fabulous stylist Jessica 

Well that was the beginning of one amazing hairstyle after another and for me....someone that hated haircuts and was afraid to the point I would go maybe one a year.   Now I go to her once a month. lol

She has now opened her own salon with her co-owner Nancy and they have an amazing group of stylists who work there.   You can go there on any given day for inspiration because they are on point with the styles and trends.  Actually there are ahead because every time I go she has done something different to her hair and all the stylist look great.

Owners & Staff of Exquisite Hair Design

I did the Beckham, I did Katie Holmes bob,  I did Pink's faux hawk, the asymetrical bob and recently I shaved the right side...I've never had so much fun with my hair.  Here are pics of some of the styles.

And here is the latest.   Black bob with blue & turquoise highlights!


I even bring my 3 oldest daughters there because even they love Jess

My 4 year old

My 10 year old 

End result

She is very happy

My 16 year old (before)

My 16 year old (after) yes that is half of her head in Hot Pink.

Here is the front of the salon

Left side of sitting area....notice the mountains of snow outside (winter time)

Color area

Make up area

  If you are looking for a new salon...I definately suggest you give Exquisite Hair Design a try.  I have sent  many people here and they haven't gone anywhere since.   Give the ladies a call and get a new look for Spring!

Exquisite Hair Design
122 E. Westfield Avenue
 Roselle Park, New Jersey 07204


  1. I'm always too scared to try anything fun. I did get a mullet once, but that was an accident. You are my new hair idol. Love it! Janae

  2. I love your hairstylist 1st pic her hair is awesomeeeeee <3 Nice to see how you change your hair, reminds me of spain, lot of woman have awesome hairstyles, where I live its kind of rare. Im a hairstylist and I love changing my hair often, i think is a common thing in this hair world, I am now working to get my hair as orange as possible but Im doing it slowly cause I've done so much to my hair that I have no idea how it is so healthy!

  3. @GGM you are so funny..she's my hair idol.

    @ Miss Lou...I always wanted to be a colorist..not much for cutting hair. lol So jealous you live in PR, I'll have to check out your hairstyles.

  4. Wow beautiful Nancy is my stylist and it can't get any better there I love that place and i Love my beautiful girls ....Exquisite Hair Design is the place to go.... God bless them for all there achievements they have accomplish love u Jess N Nancy..ya rock and so does the whole Exquisite team...

  5. @Elizabeth...thanks for stopping by and I just met Nancy at the new spot but love her too. It's inspiring to watch a group of young women excel in their field. They should have their own show...(lightbulb) lol Again thanks for stopping by and showing your support for Exquisite.

  6. I've had my share of hairstylists over the years, and I knew the day I found Jess she was a keeper for sure and I've been happy ever since :). I love her style, her uniqueness and most of all her kind & sweet heart, she's a great person and really cares for her clients. I highly recommend Jess & her crew to anyone. Chrissy Claudino

  7. I have been going to Jess for almost 7 years and have found my stylist for life! She is a beautiful person inside and out and I ALWAYS love my hair when I leave. I trust her so much that I allow her, her artistic freedom and she has never disasppointed. All of the girls in the shop have a great personality and I highly enjoy my visits there. Lisa Saar

  8. Jess has been doing my hair for 8 years! I followed her from X-Changes. She is the BEST! I recommend her to everyone. I had extremely long hair and since meeting Jess I have had different cuts and tons of different colors. Right now I have a reddish-copper, with blonde highlights. Dark mixed in underneath and pink and blue on the left side. Amazing work!