Thursday, February 10, 2011


Let's just say my 10 year old is eating up the fact that thanks to Mama being chosen for the Haddad Mommy Blogging Team she scored a few outfits for me to review.   Well they had her at    She loved everything that came out of that goodie bag.     Mama however wanted to investigate and check out the quality and since she is so petite (size 7) the fit on her.   Let's just say they fit like a glove...and Mama is happy.

Of course NiNi is delighted to give me another photo shoot before & after school.   My oldest did a tv show and a movie at 10 and now this one is ms. modeling queen/american idol.... oh brother and there are still 2 little ones to Grow. lol

Braving the snow to get to the bus stop (right on the

Levi's top and jeans.

Pink jacket for bday

Favorite backpack...she loves color!

She seriously was posing while taking out her planner afterschool. (OMG)

You can check out Levi's line for girls at as well as Sears, JC Penney stores.

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