Monday, February 7, 2011


Well we are Dallas Cowboys fans in this house, and we didn't make it to the Superbowl however we definately were watching the big game yesterday.   Everyone has been  playing Black & Yellow on the radio and even the Green & Yellow anthem.    

Maya J decided she was gonna go with Black & Pink this Superbowl Sunday. lol     Here are some pics we took while preparing for the game.

Head to toe Nike

Love the pink swoosh on the ankle...her fav sneakers

She is happier with the hood instead of the hat today.

Practicing her touchdown pose.

Maya with her newest little mechanical hamster (not a zhu zhu)

Maya is very comfortable in leggings and I like a longer top because my little girl has THIGHS N BUTT.  lol  

This entire outfit head-to-toe is Nike.   Check out to see more of this line.   You can also LIKE  on Facebook for the latest on Nike.

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