Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Little girls all have dreams when they are young, for me I had a few (always a multi-tasker)  I first wanted to be a prima ballerina (until we moved and I stopped dancing at 12).  Then I wanted to be a fashion designer and that dream never really died, I just manifested it into a career in retail management & merchandising(lol).   My other dream was to be a make up artist, so I went to cosmetology school....but studied manicuring instead.(lol)   I planned on opening my own shop but got married and had a beautiful little girl instead.

I've always been so in love with eyes, eyebrows and eye make-up, problem being........I kinda suck at applying it on myself.  I can do my daughters eyes for dances and groom her eyebrows but when it comes to fabulous eye make-up.  No good!

Here are some looks that I found on Google Images and I love...

This green is gorgeous

Hot pink eyes...so Betsey Johnson

Im lovin this turquoise

This is colorful but kinda subtle

This is my favorite..Im love blues right now

Classic kinda smoky eye

Crazy cool look

Pretty Seafoam green

Maybe someday I'll take the course when I can find some sparetime, but for now I'll just admire the work of amazing make-up artists out there.


  1. MUA courses are th best!!!! I took a basic one here, but in 2008 I was living in Barcelona spain and took some theater and carnival make up, some characterization (but basics) I haven't done much make up lately but I had some great time while doing it at fashion 2 local fashion shows, for a model agency, and some free lances. Funny thing I hate to do it for myself, I only do good ones when I have big things, when Im feeling like it I might just put some powder, liner and blush (i love it), i feel awkward wearing lipsticks, and i practically never wear it.

  2. Do you follow Classy Cosmetics? If not you need to. She does awesome video tutorials!