Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Once upon a time not too long ago......I was a hot mama!   Actually I was happy with myself until this past year when I had my 5th child! (YEP...#5).   All of my children were born natural...and by that I mean I pushed them babies out w/ the help of an epidural! lol

Haven't been feeling so hot this year, but this weekend Im going on a romantic getaway with my husband.  We've never been away overnight without the children, so let's just say we are a little excited (WOOHOO)

Weeks ago I started some shopping for my new figure and Im actually happy with what I've got.   I already posted about my shoe addiction and new purchases for my shoe collection. lol       I wanted to clue you into a site that Im loving right now called Kensie  http://www.kensie.com/.   The clothes are fresh and hip, but for me it's about the fit.   I'm happy to say that this mama of 5 can rock these dresses and still feel chic and comfortable!

I ordered some shirts/dresses from Kensie and they arrived this week.    I'm going to show you what I ordered from the website because Big Daddy J and I will be having a bit of a fashion show weekend and I will be posting pics next week.

Printed Ruffle dress NOW ON SALE $ 19.99
Cotton blend cardigan NOW ON SALE $14.99

Printed top NOW ON SALE $9.99

Fine gauge dolman sweater NOW ON SALE $19.99

I can't wait to rock these outfits this weekend with my husband and paint the town RED for our Valentine's Weekend getaway!

Check out Kensie http://www.kensie.com/ and see what hot deals you can find.


  1. 5 kids! Hope you enjoy your weekend getaway.

  2. Hi there Melanie! Thanks for stopping by my blog... I'm ur newest follower! And I love ur blog... lil fashionistas, how cute! can't wait to read more.
    Cinella @ The Mommy Blog

  3. Ooo love these shirts! You're gonna be supah hot, mama!

  4. Thanks for stopping by! I am now following both blogs! Love the Kensie store too!!