Friday, January 28, 2011


Well I've been so excited this month because I've been chosen to participate in a  great project.   Im going  to New York City for a Mommy Bloggers Brunch.....yep look out NYC here I come.  Rain, sleet, snow I'm like the U.S. Postal Service I will get there.    My sister is also on the can check out her blog at

Our host is Haddad Brands...if that doesn't sound familiar let me bring you up to speed.....  Nike, Levi's, 6.0, Jordan (now your saying ahhhhhhhh).

We've been given permission today to and tell that we've been hand picked to be on their Mommy Blogger Team and I'm extremely excited to say the least.  As the mother of 5 children ages 10 months to 16 years old.   Ive pretty much done, seen and bought it all.

But it gets even exciting is it that we get a tour of the different brand showrooms (so up my alley since I miss being in retail so much) and we will actually meet the President of Haddad Brands himself.    ARE YOU KIDDING.........

This for me is like the equivalent of my husband meeting Lebron James or my daughters meeting Chris Brown or Selena Gomez.  I love retail and this is going to be such a great opportunity to be involved in something I love and meet other Mommy Bloggers as well.

When I started my original blog Lucky & Design  I did alot of posts on decorating my home and some of my childrens parties.  I  would blog in between naps and sometimes while was addicting but I was leaving a piece of me out.  So when the New Year came I said I wanted to change things up a little and be different basically be ME.....give my blog some edge and new topics.   So I've also started this sister blog Mama J and Her Fashionistas

When opportunity knocks, you open the door and say

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