Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So I've been checking out some new wardrobe options for this New Year.     And Ive purged my closet and brought tons of stuff to my favorite Consignment Shop Tuesday's Child

So I ordered these boots in black...I think they would be so sexy with black tights and a cute short tunic dress!

These will be my Mama Booties!  Hey I buy booties for my 10 mos old and my teenage walks around the house in those house booties.    So this Mama is gonna rock some booties too!

They also come in this hot leopard too.   I think for now I'll get more use with the black ones.

There are similar boots on the market for over $100 and although they may be high end....such as minimarkets.   I got these bad boys for less than $25 and I used a coupon code for 35% off.  

I purchased them from have great selection of shoes, apparel, jewelry and other accessories.


  1. Found you on The Swaps Party! Now I'm your follower!8>)

  2. Cute boots...I too found you through the link party...