Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Took some time but finally got these pics together, this was the 1st day of Summer and the last day of School!   Hence, the big smiles on their faces.    They were sportin their Nike & Levi's gear today and I couldnt pass up a mini photo shoot while waitin for the bus.

They are really way to excited about the last day of school. lol

This is her newest favorite pose

I know theyre mine, but the are the cutest things.

" I may be small, but Ive got Sole" this Nike set

NeNe is my girly girl...she mixed her Nike sole shirt with some Levi's cut off denim shorts.

This Nike shirt is soooo cute!

She wanted to show she can run.  She is my sporty girl

2 of my 4 girls

My sunshine even on a rainy day!

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  1. They are gorgeous little girls! Omg! The smiles are to die for!

  2. Very sweet! I love that the seem to be best friends. I wish I could have some of that rub off on my girls. :)