Thursday, December 13, 2012

HARAJUKU....Tuesday's Child

Well Samayah has been loving this 1st week of not wearing a uniform to school.   I guess she feels like her old self again. Since she started school at 3 she was always dressed up for school.  

Last year I decided to go with a uniform of khakis and blue or yellow/gold polo which are her school colors.

School Uniform

She mentioned last week that she didn't want to wear a uniform anymore because she is the only 1 in her class that does.   I found it to be easy and it really preserves her other clothing, I mean seriously kids come home with their snacks, lunch, paint and God know what else on their clothes.

Here is what she wore yesterday to school...

No Uniform...yay

Pants: Harajuku Target (gifted from friend)
Shirt: Target
Denim Vest: Levi's ( Lucky 7 Design, Redesign Denim Line)
Shoes: Converse Chucks (Kids USA)

- Mama J

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